For the Masquers Playhouse production of The Apple Tree, the costumer found a vintage summer dress in butterscotch gingham that she felt was perfect for Eve–except for its fragility, and that it fit the actress too snugly.  I took measurements of the original and made a copy in a slightly larger size.

Masquers newsletter cover  Eve and the Snake in Apple Tree

The San Francisco Free Civic Theater production of Two Gentlemen of Verona was reset in Alta California circa 1850, and retitled Two Gentlemen of Sonoma.  I was commissioned to make a dress for Sylvia based upon a commercial pattern.

2gents 003  2gents 007

Here is a dress for the “285-year-old” Aunt Ester in the Multi-Ethnic Theater production of Gem of the Ocean.

17feb2011 005

And here is Dr. Chasuble’s christening robe for The Importance of Being Earnest.

San 113  San 117  San 118


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