Other work for Pocket Opera

Lucrecia Borgia required a vertical surface:  the plot calls for the Borgia crest to be defaced before the audience.  An eight-foot-high periaktos was requested by the director.

On the left, the periaktos is pictured in the rehearsal space.  On the right is a composite image of the three sides of the unit, representing interior and exterior scenery.

LucreziaBorgia  Three viewsPeriactoid_000

Tales of Hoffman:  on the left, the harp used to accompany Olympia; on the right, broken pieces of the mechanical doll.

TalesHoffmanHarp  Olympia in pieces

On the left, the fire pit for Die Freischütz, built from a five gallon plastic pail and “stones” made from paper bags.  On the right, an enormous menu used in Carnival in Venice.

DerFreischeutzFirepit  CarnivalVeniceMenu

On the left, a ceremonial dagger with sheath and a telescope built for Madam Butterfly.  The blade of the dagger is vinyl covered with pewter foil, and the telescope is fashioned from plastic tubing and brass lamp parts.  To the right, a jester’s bauble for Rigoletto.

IMG_0127  RigolettoJestersBauble


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