John Hull

Masquers Playhouse Administrative Staff Member, stage director, and scenic designer

I have worked on several productions with Dan, and I found him to be reliable, resourceful and very creative.  He has extensive construction skills and a very fine eye, and often sees the possibilities where others do not.

On various occasions I have been pleased and surprised by his painting skills, the originality with which he solves problems, and the insights he shows into the material.


Phil Lowery

Lamplighters Music Theatre Production Manager and stage director

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Dan is his meticulous attention to detail.  As a director, I’m usually looking at the larger strokes—period, style, budget, perhaps basic color schemes, and the high-level look of the show once costumes, scenery, props and other tech elements are integrated.  Focusing on the props, Dan starts from that larger vision, then brings to the table a list of questions or options about the finer details, then sets about shopping, building or modifying existing pieces.  His questions are always on-point and productive, and he works hard to be sure he understands the director’s vision as well as any limitations (space, budget, weight, etc.).

…on the subject of creativity, I have to say Dan has come up with some ingenious solutions over the years to problems of weight, storage, portability and quick set-up, which are the sorts of things an audience may never see, but which can make a huge difference on the production end.

Karen Runk

San Francisco Mime Troupe Stage Manager

I know I can count on Dan to attend all production meetings punctually and prepared, meet rehearsal and performance deadlines, communicate when he foresees budget challenges, brainstorm/collaborate with the other designers, accept additional responsibility when other departments are lacking and accept help from other departments when he finds himself in need of assistance.

…Dan already has a clear understanding of what it takes to do, what I find to be the worst thankless job in theatre, props.  Dan does not share my sentiment, as he clearly enjoys creating, finding and altering that perfect item, transforming it into the world of the show. 

Dianna Shuster

Pocket Opera Executive Director and stage director

Daniel is clever, resourceful and inventive with our minimalist style and meager budget. He is tireless, focused and exacting and consistently accomplishes good results. Most importantly, he can think quickly on his feet and arrive at a workable solution in short order when needed.

… He has a good working knowledge of fabrics, upholstery, paint, and basic carpentry and is always up to the challenge of learning a new skill. He has a good eye and sense of balance along with a practical sensibility.

Daniel is hard working, willing to jump-in on any project when an extra set of hands is needed. His love and understanding of theater extends across genres from plays to opera, dance and musical theater. 



One thought on “Testimonials

  1. After looking over your whole site and reading what people have to say about you, I am only sorry that I don’t have a show for you to do!

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