The Elixir of Love

For Pocket Opera‘s 2011 production of The Elixir of Love, the director asked me to furnish Dr. Dulcamara with a two-tiered wagon, filled with bottles of potions, and with a removable banner advertising his wares.  A one-tiered wagon was made available by Masquers Playhouse.  I added a tier and a plexiglass window, and wood-grained the addition to match.  Sockets in the upper tier accommodate poles, a painted canvas sign is spring-clipped to eyes at the top of the poles, and pennants are strung as the audience observes the doctor set up his “shop.”

Elixir and L.A 046  (This picture was taken after a performance; Donald Pippin appears on the left.)

The director also required a tiered wedding cake.  I built this one of polystyrene forms purchased online, iced it with drywall compound, and decorated it with fabric roses.

17feb2011 007  (This picture was taken mere minutes after gluing on the flowers; the gratuitous hot glue filaments were subsequently removed!)



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